A Circle of Life

GHG Team | Friday, October 17, 2014

Inactivity Brings Beauty

The colors red, green and blue collide in Maxime Courty's stylized take on the handsome le Puy de D˘me, an inactive volcano that resides in France. The image truly brings life to a place that must used to have been an empty wasteland. I am constantly impressed with how much at odds this piece is to Florent Courty's (Maxime's brother) piece of the same volcano, entitled Inner Fire. Maxime truly shows how true the saying "Time mends any wound" rings in the world. Whether its the bright green grass, the deep blue of the sky, or even the rusted red of the volcanic rock in the foreground, this image shows just how beautiful a volcano can be.

What parts of the image truly come alive to you?

~If you liked this piece of artwork and want to see more, here is a link to the rest of Maxime's collection. If you wish to purchase this artwork the storepage can be found here.~
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