Chilled Blue

GHG Team | Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Warming the Lungs

Maxime Courty's adventures continue today as we take a look at the second image of this series. If one thing could be said about his art, I'd have to say I am always astounded by the amount of variety in his pieces. While in the last blog we talked about his piece that warmed our hearts, today we look at a piece that leaves you feeling the cold seep into your bones.

Bring Your Long Johns

Entitled Cold Morning, this piece instantly fills you up with the dread of winter. Heavy blue hues drift down from the French Alps all the way to our viewpoint, holding the grasses pinned to the ground. Late fall colors swirl off the closest trees, and I half expect to see my breath floating away from me clearly visible in the early morning frost.

How would you warm yourself up after a long hike into the mountains on a brisk, frosty morning?

~If you liked this piece of artwork and want to see more, here is a link to the rest of Maxime's collection. If you wish to purchase this artwork the storepage can be found here.~

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